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Organizing a holiday    12.20.11

My husbands family is coming to our house this Christmas eve. There will be 15 of us. Ages 7 -72.  There will be a million presents.  Tons of noise. Plenty of food. My 7 yr old on the piano. And … Continue reading

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Found money    12.10.11

My grandmother, Edythe, could make two’s out of one’s. She was a product of the depression and great at managing money and keeping her discounts organized. She believed not only was a penny saved a penny earned, but money was … Continue reading

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Holiday favorites    11.18.11

I’m no Oprah. Although my niece Allison did compare my hair to her’s. Aside from her hair, Oprah and I don’t have much in common. However, I do love a collection of ‘favorite things’. Don’t get too excited I won’t … Continue reading

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