How about organizing our thoughts?    10.9.15

imgresToday I  welcome good friend of mine, Amy Collins as a guest blogger. Amy has spent most of her professional life as a career counselor and leadership coach. Recently, she has launched her own on-line coaching business aimed at busy women (and who doesn’t fit into that category!) who are looking to transition to the next phase of their lives or give more focus to their current lives. Today Amy talks about the first step to that transition in “How about organizing our thoughts?” Take it away Amy….

So, we take time to organize our closets, garages and really any and all of our living spaces. We also take time daily to organize our calendars and our to-do lists, but how about our actual thoughts? No one ever really discusses taking the time to review our thought patterns.  We’ve heard the phrases “wish we could be a fly on the wall” or “we need to think before we speak”, right? Yes.  But do we do that ourselves?  Mmmm…when we think about it, not that often. 

When we learn to set ourselves apart from our own minds, then we’re able to observe ourselves differently.  This is a skill we need to make the time to learn and apply.  Then maybe we’d realize that thinking before speaking would actually benefit us.  As an example, if we took an extra couple of seconds to observe a situation before speaking, we may realize on occasion that what we were going to say wasn’t actually going to be very helpful, so we’d re-think our comment and make a more helpful one.  In fact, we’d make a more positive impact when we did speak. 

Think for a few minutes about what your thought patterns are.  For example today just take 5 minutes and free write without thinking – just let your pen lead the way – no worries about punctuation or wording – just write.  Once you are done, take a moment without judgment to reflect on what you wrote.  Notice where your thoughts are in regards to the following 3 questions: 

1.Are you often thinking about the present, past or future?

2. Are you thinking positive or negative thoughts?

3. Are you using a thought process that is judgmental or compassionate?

Wouldn’t it be great to get our own minds in order? It’s like when we clean out a overcrowded closet and experience that “aaaahhhh” sensation.  That’s how we can feel about our own minds – we’d free up some space for a new perspective. When we become mindful of what we are thinking, we are empower ourselves. We realize that WE have control over what we think.  “The greatest discovery of any generation is that the human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.” William James

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