The Piler

The second in my series on the 4 Personality Types of Organizing.

Most of us do some piling of mail, school papers, receipts, etc. However, true “piler’s” never seem to get around to weeding through their piles. The result is lost paperwork, misplaced bills and forgotten money. The frustration factor is very high for these types. They are constantly searching through piles of disorganized paper sure they are going to come across exactly what they need.


“The Piler”: My father was the ultimate piler. He always had several stacks of something going on his desk. I can still hear him yelling to my mom when he couldn’t find some something. He tried to be organized about the stacks, but inevitably they overwhelmed him and his office.

Remedy: For the pilers the answer is immediate sorting and purging. Pilers really need to examine the flow of paper into their home. Make a step by step diagram of how paper, of all kinds, comes into your house. Take into consideration your daily habits of when you get your mail, what you do when the kids come home with school papers, do you read a newspaper and where do you keep it, etc. Once you understand your process flow you can more readily organize a solution.

Secondly, try to keep incoming paper to a minimum. Most pilers grapple with their mailbox. I advise clients to stand at their mailbox and do a quick scan, any immediate disposable items hit the garbage or recycling area before they come into the house.  For the selected items coming in the house, open them and dispose of all unnecessary envelopes, stuffers and receipts  Bring your smaller pile into your house and sort at you desk near a garbage can.

If you are a magazine person (and piler’s should really consider their need for too many magazines), put the magazines in a designated place where they are likely to be read: basket next to your favorite reading chair, your desk, or of course the bathroom. The remainder of the mail, which, lets be honest, is mostly bills, should be placed in a designated area where the bills are paid.

Stay tuned for next week when we look at the habit of “The Micro” organizing personality type.

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