It takes all kinds

My husband and I first met when we worked together for the same company. A couple of months into our relationship we attended a training program. One part of the program was testing to determine your personality type. I am sure most of you have done these assessments or some type of personality test.

Not a surprise to anyone who knows me,  the test results pinned me as an off-the-charts extrovert who wore her emotions on her sleeve with a highly developed need for socialization. The image that comes into my head is helium balloon bursting to be free and play with the other balloons. On the other hand, my husband, as he described his test result was….. a stone. Hmmm….not sure how we have lasted 16 yrs but the combination seems to work for us.

Strangely enough there are personality types in the world of organization. Without getting all Freud on you, I have a list of four. I am sure there are more but I find most folks fit into one or more of the four:

The Shover
The Piler
The Micro
The Macro

Each week for the next few weeks we will take a look at each organizing personality type. Our focus today is on “The Shover”


“The Shover”: Back to my husband again (Sorry Al). He is the quintessential shover of stuff. He is genetically opposed to putting items back in their home spot. I often find hammers, screwdrivers and other tools shoved into closets and cabinets. They aren’t laying around the house, but they are never put back where they are suppose to be stored. I think he rejects Barney, that big purple dinosaur, mantra to “clean-up, clean-up” and instead picks the easiest place to hide his lack of organization.

Remedy: If you fall into this category the most important part of the organizing process is to first have a home for all things in your house. I know this seems daunting for you Shover’s but it is half the battle. If you innately know where something goes, you are far more likely to put it back.

Also it is much easier for “The Shover’s”  if the items are very close to where the activity takes place. It sounds elementary, but if you have to walk 6 feet from where you use something to where it is stored, more than likely it is going to land on the countertop or in the closet. For example, if you brushed your teeth in the bathroom but stored your toothbrush in the garage. The likelihood the toothbrush is ever getting back to the garage?  Answer: store it where you use it.

Stay tune next week for a look at the life of “The Piler”

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