Tomorrow I have to clean out my beach locker. Sweep out the sand, throw away my broken umbrella, and decide which boogie boards are worth keeping. Heavy sigh.

Summers are not perfect. In fact, last year’s summer had some major bumps and misfires. From earthquakes to hurricanes it wasn’t the best summer on record for my family. But the summer of 2012 was really great. A fun family vacation of historic nature, plenty of time at the beach, dinners out and lots of downtime with my girls.

But alas, tomorrow is coming. Back to the bus, backpacks, school lunches, homework, cooking dinner (hope I remember how!) and getting up early (I really hope I can remember how!)

What is on my schedule for the fall? Getting back to the gym (see above: too many dinners out), composing my weekly schedule on Sunday’s and scheduling time with my clients to help them re-organize their spaces after a long summer holiday.

Pretty soon summer will be a distant memory. But just for today, I am holding on tightly to my great memories…and going out for dinner!



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