Next Steps


I am in the process of organizing a couple of spaces for a dear friend of mine. She and her husband are living in a condo vacated by her elderly parents.  My friend still owns a home in another location, but spends the majority of her time in the condo due to her husbands job.

It dawned on me while we have been sifting through her parents , her husbands and her stuff that she is deeply entrenched in a transitional period . We all go through these periods of transition. Births, deaths, new jobs, new houses, new relationships. The list goes on and on.

When we are in those transformative moments we tend to hold tightly our belongings. So many of our belongings represent a specific time or place on the timeline of our lives. We fear that letting go is somehow forgetting who we were or what we have accomplished. We are convinced it is our “stuff” that defines who we were and where we are going.  People use the phrase “it has sentimental value.” But in reality most of these items don’t have value, the memory associated with it does.

Contrary to our firmly held beliefs it is during these times we need to let go and shed our outer skin so we can start our next journey. We will always have our memories. But in order to begin the next chapter it is vital to breath in what once was then exhale it out into the universe. When we are finally released from the weight of our physical baggage, we can take the next step in whatever new adventure awaits us. Transformation complete…til next time.

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