Anatomy of an Easter egg hunt

My grandmother was in charge of our annual Easter egg hunt. 10 grandchildren , 12 eggs. One hard-boiled white egg per grandchild.  Each egg personalized in cursive with their name written in black felt pen. The two extra eggs were aptly inscribed “bonus” with the same black felt pen. The 12 treasures were carefully hidden in the yard by my dad and uncles. The prizes: $1 for your own egg and $5 for the bonus eggs.  Finding a bonus egg was equivalent to finding the Holy Grail. That was our Easter egg hunt in the 70s.

Fast forward 40 years – is that possible? My brother-in-law Bob is in charge of our modern day Easter egg hunt. I’m not sure it is possible that two people could be more opposite than my grandmother and Bob. She, a staunch Democrat and him, a die hard Republican. She, a product of the Depression with a scarcity mentality and him a product of the “go-go 80’s” with a “more is better” mentality.

You can imagine Bob’s version of the Easter egg hunt. 6 kids, 100 eggs. Colored, plastic eggs stuffed with as much candy as they can hold. Not a surprise all the eggs are not found on Easter but eventually discovered at some point during the summer.  There are still bonus eggs, 3 of them with crisp $20 bills tucked inside. A far cry from our simple black and white holiday of the 70’s. 2012’s version is fully technicolor.

But some things never change. The kids rushing around trying to locate the eggs. The older kids helping the younger ones get their fair share. The mothers annoyed at the fathers for the plethora of grass stains due to the ‘best” hiding places. And the Easter egg hunt boss looking on in wonder and a little sadness as the kids get older every year.

Thanks to Uncle Bob and his never ending clipboard of fun, the tradition continues. Excess or not, I am sure it would make my grandmother happy.

To you and yours Happy Easter.

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