Wanna make your neighbors jealous?

Anyone with a garage knows the actual purpose of a garage is to park your car. But let’s face it, with kids sports equipment, gardening tools and Costco overrun it can be a tight squeeze.

Even for a professional organizer garages can be daunting.  There are a lot of cumbersome and awkward shaped items taking up residence in most garages.

Following these steps can make it simpler:

1. Get a partner: In all organizing projects another set of hands helps plus it provides encouragement and reinforcement for any tough decisions.

2. Work in sections: As I said garages can be overwhelming.  Chunking it out into manageable sections can make the process easier and less intimidating. Start from one corner of the space and work your way around.

3. Give yourself manageable time segments: Due to the size of garages, setting out to finish in one afternoon may be setting yourself up for failure. Make a list of your sections, assign it a timeframe, schedule the time on calendar and come back to the project as scheduled.

4. Enlist a handyman: If you are lucky enough to know one, great. If not keep a list of items you need help constructing or hanging. Hire a handyman to come for a few hours get your list completed.

After all your hard work feel free to reward yourself by pulling your car into the garage!



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