Reason to believe


Have you ever met one of your idols? 23 years ago I met Bruce Springsteen. The circumstances as to how I met him are unimportant. While most famous people often disappoint, Bruce did not. For those who are not Bruce fanatics you can exit here. But for those of us who waited patiently for every album release, concert ticket announcement (an exercise in relentlessly pressing redial on your corded phone for hours) and possible siting can understand my awe.

Yes, he was shorter than me (most people are). But otherwise he was exactly as you would imagine. Laid-back, scratchy vocals and very cool. Not an in-your-face kinda guy. Some one who hangs back and takes in the scene.  A regular guy who grew up in Jersey. But it was when he talked about his music I really understood what made him great. His focus was very clear. He simply said “I write music about my life..what I believe in.”

Even though I was a star struck 23 year old I always remember that moment. Especially, “what I believe in…” Sometimes when we get older it is hard to hold onto that philosophy. When responsibilities are great, kids are demanding, parents become dependent and life seems hard, what you believe in can seem distant or even impossible.

Flash forward 26 years. I have met Bruce on a couple of occasions now. He autographed a CD for my husbands 40th birthday, he worked out next to me at the gym and I sat next to him once at a local watering hole. He still has an aura of coolness that will never recede, although frankly his hair line has a bit. In spite of his age, this past week he put out his 20th album/CD. Clearly he still believes, so why not you and me?


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