Winter doldrums

The color I use to describe this time of year is beige. It is hardly light outside when you wake up and dark way before you go to sleep. The days seem long without much sunlight. It is a recipe for lack of energy and motivation.

It really calls for a shake up in your normal repertoire. The antidote? Organizing. (Bet you knew I would say that!) Hear me out. Re-organizing a room, closet, or shelf can help breath some new life into a space.  Without spending money, organizing can help alter your otherwise sleepy state.

Here is an example. My Costco/extra school supplies/shoe/water bottle closet. It can be the bain of my existence. This time of year I just want to shut the door (which consistently won’t close) and forget it exists until spring.

But instead I motivate myself to reconfigure the space (for the 1000 time) to better fit my needs. Not one dime spent. A new perspective. A brighter space.

It reminds me that spring can’t be too far off.  With that knowledge and my newly organized space, my day transforms from beige to yellow in an hour. Beats therapy.


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