Picture perfect

I know you have one. In a brown bag, an old shoe box or maybe under a pile. The shame can be daunting. After all you have been hiding it for years. Always intending to come clean. Don’t worry you are not alone.  Come on an say it, it will make you feel so much better. “Hello my name is_______ and I am a photoaholic.”

The baby, school, vacation, wedding, and extraneous family photos. Shoved in a box and dangling from the tallest shelf ready to knock you unconscious on the next trip to your  storage room. We all have them. The question is what to do with them.

Forget the “when I have time someday I am going to organize them in a scrapbook” method. It isn’t happening.

The answer can be found in the pages of these beautiful and easy photo books from Home Goods. No labels to fill out, stickers to adhere or wrestling with plastic overlay. Each page holds 5 pictures. (Even 2 places for vertical photos)

Pull your photos out of the box. Sort by events, kids or years. Slide in the pictures and label the cover. Done.

Pictures and your serenity all in tack. Beats a trip to the Betty Ford clinic right?


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