Too Cool for School

Here is the scenario: the two of them walk through the door from the bus, dump their backpacks on the ground and walk away saying something like “In my folder there is a really important paper you need to keep, sign or look at…” Off to the back of the house they continue only to reappear for a snack and quick spin on the iPad. Meanwhile I would be left standing there asking “what paper, which backpack, when is it due, when does it have to go back to the school…”

After a couple of years and several lost papers later I decided I needed a new system. Welcome to my binder-retentive world. I purchased a very cute yet affordable binder at Target.

In it I store the following: permission slips, report cards, returned tests from the current marking period, study guides for upcoming tests, and extra loose leaf paper. Also included is a calendar for my oldest daughter where she manages her tests and study schedule.

I keep it on a shelf in my kitchen where my kids can easily access it when needed.

When they walk in the door they empty their backpacks and put all the “really important” papers in a centralized place.

Now if I could just get my husband a binder for his shoes!

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