Mom where is my …

This morning my house was a combat zone. My daughter couldn’t find her gym shorts then lost her favorite hairband and finally her resolve. It ended just as you might guess…tears. With a house full of girls, seems like someone is always crying. At least today it wasn’t me.

One of the most exasperating things about getting kids out of the house is the inevitable screech “Mom, where is my ______?” Fill in the blank with any shoe, jacket, electronic equipment, etc. When they were little it was easier to keep their “stuff” in some semblance of order, after all I was the one in charge of it. Now with an 8 and 11 year old it’s getting harder.

The trick is to have them adopt their own version of organized without driving yourself crazy. I go back to one of  the lessons of my wise Aunt Treasure-“Everything needs to have a home!’  That goes for ipods, sunglasses, sneakers and hairbands. Sometimes it is a little more legwork for mom, but helping them set-up designated “homes” for each important item can be a lifesaver on a busy morning.

Here are some examples:

Jackets/Video games/Backpacks



In our house the laundry room is the “launching pad” so all of these items are housed there for quick access.

Trust me, it doesn’t work everyday of the week.  On the days it doesn’t, I’m the one crying.

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