Back on track

9 hours until everyone clears out of the house. This time tomorrow I will no longer be serving meals every four hours, doing laundry everyday, cleaning up after various kids’/husband’s messes and sharing the i Pad with everyone in my house.  Tomorrow starts my vacation from the holidays.

To kick things off I will pack away the remaining Christmas decorations. Delouse my kids’ rooms of their shedding mini Christmas trees. Make my second post-Christmas visit to the local recycling center. And finally I will be ready to plan my schedule for the week.

As part of my routine to organize my days, every Sunday or Monday (tomorrow it will be Tuesday) I sit with pen and paper to strategize for my week. Listed are the days of the week , my schedule in the first column, kids school responsibilities in the second and dinner in the last column. You might ask why those headings for each column? I find ignoring any member of the “holy trinity” can cause disaster in my house.

Having a successful week means balancing the “holy trinity.” For example, if my oldest daughter has two tests on Wednesday and I am scheduled to work on Tuesday, that is not the night to add something new to my cooking repertoire. Conversely, when I have a less hectic day I know I can run to a specialty store and try a more adventuresome recipe. I don’t always know exactly what I am serving, but in the dinner column I try to get the main course on paper. This way when I go shopping I can work my way around whatever protein I have listed.

When things change so does the trinity . It’s a plan but not set in stone. However, I find juggling my “holy trinity” can be the difference between a calm night at our house or one with a lot of yelling and,even worse, hungry people.

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