Aunt Treasure

It is her actual name. My Aunt Treasure, asked throughout her life if her name was real, is the most organized person I have ever met. She is my organizing idol. She raised six kids in a house that would rival Frank Gilbreth’s version of organized (read :Cheaper By the Dozen).

At the age of 75 she still remains my idol on many levels so I decided to get her philosophy being an organized mom.

#1 Get going early- I think I heard a collective moan but in truth if you want to get things ready and organized for the day you can’t sleep ’til noon. She gets up at around 6:15 everyday, eats breakfast, goes for a walk, makes her beds and washes her hair all before 8 am. No wonder she gets so much done!

#2 Everything needs a home. Keys, batteries, cereal. They all need an agreed upon home. This method works especially well when trying to raise six kids. In fact, when her three oldest seemed to conveniently forget the home for their folded laundry, they found it out on the front lawn (true story!)

#3 Put things back were they belong. Sounds elementary but in practice it can be difficult. There is always the temptation to put it in a pile for later. Problem: the pile gets bigger and bigger. Pretty soon you are looking high and low for something in that pile.

#4 Make a list. I have to say I am fully on board with list making. There is something so organized and structured in having a list for your day. My aunt started her shopping list for Thanksgiving dinner two weeks before the actual day. Christmas, you got it, a month in advance. She kept to her lists and ultimately her budget.

#5 Make sure things are organized at night before you go to bed. It is easy to want to skip this step, climb into bed an pull the covers over your head. The problem is the mess will be there in the morning with a new day’s mess looming. I know myself, I can literally get out of bed easier in the morning if I know the kids lunches are already made and waiting for me in the frig.

Her final unspoken philosophy was to fill an old fashion sized glass every night to the rim with ice cubes and pour in Beefeaters gin. Not sure the gin kept her organized, but I am pretty sure it’s what kept her sane.





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