Found money

My grandmother, Edythe, could make two’s out of one’s. She was a product of the depression and great at managing money and keeping her discounts organized. She believed not only was a penny saved a penny earned, but money was something to be respected and organized.

Inevitably when I organize someones space I find money. I found over five hundred dollars in a drawer of a file cabinet while helping to organize a commercial office space. More often I find gift cards , a store credit or a great coupon hiding in the stuff people don’t get around to organizing.

Trust me I recognize how hard it is to keep all the peripheral things in your life in an organized space. But with the holidays approaching let me offer a helpful suggestion. An “austerity purse”. A small index card holder  that doubles as a portable filing cabinet for all your gift cards, coupons, store credits and even receipts. I carry this around with me wherever I go. This way when I finally remember to shop in a store where I have a gift card, I can find it easily and actually use it for a purchase.

As for the rest of the stuff floating around the edges of my life: my keys, earpiece and shopping lists….I’m still working on those!


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