Glory Days … Over

In a world of IPods, music downloads and YouTube videos our poor music CD’s have been rendered obsolete. Let’s face it, who doesn’t have a stack, box or closet full of CD’s that have long since been uploaded and ignored.

Recently, I re-organized my jam-packed office closet. Yes, even I, sometimes grapple with storage issues. I asked my husband if we could throw away the CD’s after all we are not using them anymore.

First mistake, never ask a man to throw something out. EVERYTHING is needed. They have a gene we gals don’t have and it causes them to save everything…something to do with the looming threat of the apocalypse. At any rate, we (he) decided we needed to keep them.

The challenge then became how to store them in an easily accessible (think: apocalypse) and more consolidated space. The answer came in the form of an old three ring binder. We all have one of these floating around our houses. Left over from prior careers, training programs or wedding planning (or was that just me.) I did a quick search on-line for CD storage. The cheapest and best option was ($9.51 plus shipping for 50 CD storage insert pages with 4 CD’s per page). Voila! A new storage system for my rejected CD’s. Quick, easy, and cheap.

Recycled all the unnecessary jewel case, except for one, Springsteen’s “Born to Run.”

Some things are just sacred, you know.


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