Holiday favorites

I’m no Oprah. Although my niece Allison did compare my hair to her’s. Aside from her hair, Oprah and I don’t have much in common. However, I do love a collection of ‘favorite things’. Don’t get too excited I won’t be giving away cars here at Busy Bee Organizing but hopefully you can pluck a few suggestions from my holiday favorites list.

Best Christmas ornament holder: This may be my favorite organizing item ever. Easy to use and store. Kids can carry them up and down the basement steps! (If you decide to buy this item do it now. They sell out fast after Christmas.)

Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Best wreath hanger: They can come and go after the holiday is over.

Best decoration storage box: The price at this site is more than I spent at Costco for these, but it is a set of three and they will last forever. They are the perfect size, not too heavy or bulky.



Best wreath storage bag: It is semi-clear, can hang by the handles and keeps the dust out. You can store a couple of small wreaths in one bag.


Best Kid’s Nativity Set: Cute, non-breakable and functions as a toy when needed. The “Little Town of Bethlehem” tune can get old fast…I say take out the battery and save yourself the annoyance.

Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Set - A Little People Christmas -  Fisher-Price - Toys"R"Us

Best Holiday Beverage: Save the Egg Nog for some other poor sucker. Nothing beats Bailey’s on ice.

Favorite Christmas visitor: I love this tradition. My oldest is onto my shenanigans, but my youngest is still on board. Last year we bought him a skirt and really threw her for a loop!

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition with Brown Eyed Elf.Opens in a new window

So there they are. I realize my list isn’t as mind-blowing as Oprah’s. I tend to lean more on the practical side of things. After all, who needs that much Cashmere in their wardrobe!

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