Zippity do da

While I have chronicled my father’s love of bags, my mother is having a equally disturbing affair with a different kind of bag, zip lock. Zip lock bags are my mother’s drug of choice. She uses them for every type of storage possible. She keeps her household bills, religious paraphernalia, spare keys, tools, pictures and even a zip lock bag of zip lock bags. In fact the only thing she is not diligent about keeping in zip lock’s is food. (My sisters and I will attest to many stale Oeros.)

The funny thing is she is right about the old zip lock bags. They are cheap, easy to use, waterproof and see-though. Really they have all the great qualities of a Busy Bee storage solution. In fact, they can substitute for several more expensive storage solutions. Here are some examples:


003 1024x685 Zippity do da

Binder compartments

006 1024x685 Zippity do da

Christmas decoration storage

017 1024x685 Zippity do da

Electronic chargers

010 1024x685 Zippity do da

Seashell Collection

023 1024x685 Zippity do da

Ice cube back-up for a party

Wait a second…all of these zip lock storage solutions are in my house. It’s official…I have become my mother.


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