Old Standby

Turns out a proper martini is worth it’s weight in gold. This summer we were fortunate enough to take a vacation to Europe with our extended family. We toured England and France. We had great meals, stayed in lovely hotels and chateaus, and drank awesome wine. The only problem we had was getting our hands on a good, solid martini.

Trust me, it wasn’t from lack of trying. In fact, my brother-in-law, my martini drinking partner, attempted but failed to get a martini  not one or two but five times one night in London. It got down right comical when he ordered a martini and a diet coke but got the two combined.

So in a salute to Friday, or any other day of the week. Here is my version of a perfect martini.

First, you must have proper glass. Forget about anything that has a rim the size of a basketball net. Thin rim is the way to go.

Secondly, glass must be chilled. Best if you can wait ten minutes but frankly I have pulled the glass out after three minutes in desperation.

Third, olives are a necessity. I know there are those who like an onion or lemon peel but I prefer to make my martini nutritious by adding olives. This way you can skip the appetizer all together.

Forth, the vodka must be cold. I am not a vodka snob. I have tried several, but Svedka does it for me. Pretty cheap and a good flavor

Lastly, combine all of the ingredients above. Find a comfortable chair. Put your feet up. Pat yourself on the back for making through another week.

Oh, and what does this have to do with organizing? Nothing really. But your house may start to feel a whole lot more organized after a few of these!

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