Gentle organizing

You heard your mother say it a million times. “Make your bed!!!” she would yell from a hallway, staircase or bedroom. In the early years it seemed daunting with all those sheets, blankets and cumbersome bedspreads. Now, in my later years it is comforting to make the beds in the morning.

In a recent article in Real Simple magazine, Isabel Gillies describes it perfectly,

“On a morning of chaos, children hollering, misplaced homework, and a husband looking for clean socks, it’s the calm in the storm. I love the physical, methodical act of tugging sheets and plumping pillows. I sense my jumbled thoughts being sorted as I exact the length of the blanket along the horizon of the bed. If I am anxious, stretching my arms wide and lifting the sheets high in the air releases some of the unease into the universe along with the eyelashes and the lint. It’s organizing in the most gentle of ways.”

I love that visual. Gentle organizing. So often we think of organizing as life-sapping drudgery. But sometimes it is as simple as pulling up some covers, fluffing a pillow and laying back on your beautifully made bed.

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