Guilt Trip

True confessions. We (my husband and I) were non-recycler’s until last year. Our township only collects recycling once a month and in protest we refused to cooperate until they moved it to a weekly or minimum bi-weekly schedule.

Then the guilt set in. By that I mean the two kids who live in our house, straight out of science class, convinced us of the error of our ways. We could continue to pollute the earth as we held tight to our conscientious objector status or join the ranks of normal folk who don’t embarrass their kids by not recycling. We choose the latter.

With all things, if I am going to do it, at least let it be organized. First we bought ourselves a beautiful, yet somewhat expensive recycling trash can. This would house all the tin aluminum and glass (read: wine bottles) for our monthly pick-up. Yeah the protest thing never really worked out.

But what to do about the reams of paper  from discarded mail, school overload and work excess. Not to mention all the small cardboard containers of cookies, crackers and  Costco byproducts.

Enter the “Recycling Center.” Here’s how it works. One small free standing wire shelf . Three collapsable, lightweight crates. All purchased at Lowes for less than $60 total. Each crate labeled for the appropriate recycled items. Easy to carry to the curb or a trip to the town recycling center.


Finally I am guilt free.

Although my husband told me he overheard my kids discussing composting the other night. It may be time to pull them out of science class for good.

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