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I’m dreaming of a white Halloween?    10.30.11

I think mother nature needed a new challenge. Apparently she was sick of all those hurricanes and earthquakes. So today in the northeast we have been entertained by every version of precipitation possible. We woke up to rain, followed by sleet and … Continue reading

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Old Standby    10.28.11

Turns out a proper martini is worth it’s weight in gold. This summer we were fortunate enough to take a vacation to Europe with our extended family. We toured England and France. We had great meals, stayed in lovely hotels and chateaus, … Continue reading

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Love at first sight    10.25.11

We needed no introduction. We never dated. It was love at first site. Where else could I find a partner that made me feel whole, centered, and best of all organized?  That’s right – I am talking about my label … Continue reading

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Gentle organizing    10.19.11

You heard your mother say it a million times. “Make your bed!!!” she would yell from a hallway, staircase or bedroom. In the early years it seemed daunting with all those sheets, blankets and cumbersome bedspreads. Now, in my later … Continue reading

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Guilt Trip    10.3.11

True confessions. We (my husband and I) were non-recycler’s until last year. Our township only collects recycling once a month and in protest we refused to cooperate until they moved it to a weekly or minimum bi-weekly schedule. Then the … Continue reading

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