Bag Lady

I come by it honestly. My father was a bag person. He loved them all. Tote, duffel, shoe. You name it, he carried it. It got to the point that he was actually carrying a pocketbook by the end of his life. Granted it was a manly Lands’ End satchel but my sisters and I lovingly referred to it as his purse. When I organized his home office we had to dispose of several disintegrating but “perfectly good” bags. He couldn’t help himself.

I love them as well. But even good bags can go bad. Before you know it you have way too many. They take over your laundry room, mud room or closets.

First step is to do a quick sort. Categories: shopping bag,  re-usable bags, plastic bags,  paper bags.  (If you come across gift bags, hang onto those separately…I will give my ultimate storage for those in a future post)

 Above, is your  first option: do an easy and free “bag of bags” storage solution. I have used this for many years with clients and in my own home. It is a perfectly suitable option for your bags. If you want to get fancy, get three hooks and hang each bag within reach.

Or try my new storage option. I purchased three cute metal boxes from Home Goods (my love affair with Home Goods will be well documented though out my blog)  I spray painted them my signature color orange (it’s new black), hung them on the wall right outside my door to the garage.

Now instead of sifting through the bottom of your closets looking for an appropriate bag to carry dinner to friend’s house or hand-me-down clothes to your next of kin; you can pick your favorite bag easily and quickly.

Ahh…my Dad would be so proud!

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