Ode to a Jar

Isn’t she a beauty? I know it looks like a empty mason jar. Oh, but it so much more. Here are some of the many truly wonderful things it is:

A cotton ball holder

A pencil holder

Storage for  pasta, beans, nuts, candy, etc (Candy being my personal favorite)

Holder for screws, nails, and so much more

It is one of the most all purpose storage devices I have come across and…..it’s cheap. Very cheap. We’re talkin’ penny pinching, tight wad kinda cheap. You can buy them in your local hardware store, on-line at Amazon or the grocery store. Sometimes I sneak of f to a local antique store and buy myself one of the real old blue, green or red ones!!

I find they have a clean, sparkly quality to them. It makes even the ordinary item look organized and pretty. They remind me how fun organizing can be.

Oh and I hear you can vegetables in them….who knew.

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